Clients come to you to fix their physical problems, but you often hear about their emotional problems just as much. You have an opportunity as a beauty professional to offer solutions about their nail care but even more so, you can give support in a different way that they may not receive elsewhere. This may feel like a lot of responsibility but we want to give you some tools that work to engage with clients in a meaningful way, that will build loyalty and more consistent profit for the long-term. 

One of the first questions we naturally ask clients when they sit in our chair is “how are you?”. When you ask a client this question, you will most often get the same general answers of “fine”, “good”, and “doing alright”. The conversation continues with general small talk, without ever going anywhere different. What if you could change the question and actually provide more support and care than the typical service they receive?

Here's some open-ended questions that prompt more meaningful conversations:

  • -What have you been doing to take care of yourself this week? 
  • -What is something you have done for yourself recently that made you feel good?
  • -How is your heart doing?
  • -What has brought you joy lately? 
  • -I have felt so thankful for _____ this week. What are you grateful for? 
  • -How are you holding up? 

Just by changing the questions you ask, your client will leave feeling like they received an enhanced service. You better believe that they will be scheduling their next service and telling their friends about you! Your questions don’t have to be focused on more negative emotions, either, but can prompt clients to talk about things they are grateful for and that bring them joy. This shows support and extra care without crossing any boundaries. 

Clients come back for services because of how you make them feel, not just by how they look after leaving you. Although your quality service is included in their return, clients will come back when they were treated with quality care, too. 

So, instead of asking “how are you?”, think about how you can change up the conversation and offer something different. It will offer a change for you, too, that helps with your day feeling more full of variety, as well.