You pour so much into your clients every day that I am sure the thought of doing something for yourself is not on your radar. Let’s try something different this February and engage in the 5 Day Love Yourself Challenge! You deserve it and your future self will thank you. Let’s start this month by treating ourselves, for once. Are you up for the challenge? 

Day 1: Disconnect from social media for an additional hour today. 

Instead of scrolling on your social media platforms, insert an activity for yourself instead. Read a book, go take a walk, watch your favorite show, get a task done that’s been on your to-do list. Taking time away is fuel for your overall health. 

Day 2: Write 5 things you love about yourself

Writing down these positive affirmations is empowering. We rarely compliment ourselves and seeing the visual is a good reminder of our strengths. Try saying these out loud to yourself, too. 

Day 3: Try a new self-care practice that you have never done or haven’t in a long time. 

Sometimes we can get stuck in the ways we relax and rejuvenate that it starts to wear off. Whether it’s a new workout class or a hike you haven’t done in a long while, try changing it up!

Day 4: Express gratitude to yourself for your body. 

Repeat the phrase “I am thankful for my body and my health.” Add 2 things that you love about how you look. 

Day 5: Reward yourself.

We often pamper others but this time, it's your turn! Do something that truly is a treat as you deserve it!

Now, challenge someone else to join you in this. Inspire yourself, inspire others. YOU are worth it!