As I reflect on this season we are currently in, I have been trying to refocus and re-charge so I have the energy and strength for when our world settles back into “normal life.” In doing so, I have gone back to September of 2019. I had a trip planned with my best friend to Waco, TX to see the Magnolia empire. I had gotten her a gift to give her at the end of the trip that was a bracelet with “hope” on it as I felt like she needed this reminder in a hard season of her life. 

I had chosen a word for the upcoming year for myself too. The word was “intense”. I laugh now thinking how “intense” the year 2020 has been already. I chose this word because I can be strong-willed, direct and have high expectations for those around me. I am always on-the-go and have a hard time slowing down, which makes me struggle to have balance. Although there are definite strengths to this, I also know that this can be misconceived at times. My goal for 2020 was to work on this within myself and have more patience with myself and others, especially when I lack control. 

With this pandemic, I am definitely being challenged to be patient and flexible, even with the enormous amount of change and lack of control we all have. Besides being 6 months prego, working from home now with three kids that are 5 and under and my husband, I have been trying to be all things to them without dropping the ball. I have dropped the ball A LOT but I have to forgive myself and move on. Here are three simple things that have been helping me to keep balance during this time: 

Take a shower. Doing this alone since I have kids is helpful and not selfish to take this time. If you don’t have kids, keeping the daily routine of getting ready can jump start your day positively. 

Make a cup of hot tea. Whatever gives you some comfort in moderation, go for it. The little things can change your perspective for the day. 

Take a short nap or walk outside. Both sleep and Vitamin D can do a world of good!

I refuse to stay stuck and know that I want to look back in 6 months and be proud of how I handled it. This time may be intense but I want to make sure my feelings of intensity don’t get in the way of what matters in this moment, today. I want to have a growth mindset. What word would you choose to help you refocus and re-energizes for this season we are in to prepare you for the next?