Let’s be real-boundaries is a taboo topic. We hear about it all the time but how do you really put boundaries into action in real life? Let me tell you the secret…

Enforcing boundaries is actually an act of self-care. It is the best expression of loving yourself and exuding confidence to run a long-lasting profitable business. 

So, what happens if you don’t enforce or set boundaries?

You will continue to be disrespected, have open slots with canceled or no show appointments with no money to compensate you for this missed time! It will be difficult for you to sustain your business and you also won’t be attracting the clients you really want. All of this will leave you feeling exhausted, anxious and burned out.

Let’s not do that. Instead, try this:

- Create clear and detailed boundaries. 
- Clearly explain what happens if someone crosses them before it happens.
- Be consistent with all clients & co-workers.
- If someone resists, continue to stand firm.

If a client does not agree or respect your boundaries, that is not your problem! As long as you have clearly made your clients aware of your policies, it is important that you know that you can’t control other people’s feelings. Do what is right for you and it will get easier!

Forget flowers or boxes of chocolates this love month. Instead, try loving yourself incredibly well by enforcing those boundaries that will elevate yourself AND your business in no time. You deserve it!

Need help doing this? We have Coaching available. We have a certified Coach who can specifically focus on the boundaries you need to tweak, add or change to get you to back on the track to thriving. 

We also have a module all about enforcing boundaries called Maintaining Boundaries that will guide you on this path of self-growth!