No one has ever experienced COVID-19 so this is all new territory for us all. Please know you are not alone and we are all in this together! Here are some of the things I have been doing to find control and decrease anxiety.


You can't control much of anything right now but can control your environment. Fill your space with positive music and energy. Clean your space and organize at home. It will make you feel like you have some control over something. I've been trying to focus on getting some projects done and seeing this in a more positive light while cleaning up my space. 


The news and social media can help keep us informed but sometimes it can make us obsess over the unknown. We tend to overthink when we are anxious and then it just makes everything worse. Try to distract yourself and try something new. There's a ton of free workout videos, art classes, etc. on YouTube right now for you to engage in. You may want to use the time to learn something new in your craft but sometimes doing something completely different or new is the best distraction. 


When we have a lack of control, often focusing on what we are thankful for can change our mindset. With the extra down time, I have been thinking about ways I can express gratitude to others, especially ones that need some extra motivation or optimism. Write a note to some clients or friends who have gone the extra mile. Call up a friend or send an email focusing on the gratitude we feel in this moment. 


Listen to your gut and if you need extra assistance with your anxiety, know it's just a call away. Right now, most people are utilizing Telehealth and Teletherapy programs. Reach out if you feel like you can't manage on your own as being isolated from others is hard! Even if you aren't at this point, try to find connection every day. Whether that is Face-timing a friend who brightens your day or connecting with family from afar, connection is so vital to our overall health.


Be well, stay well and focus on the things you can control. Please know you are not alone and you have a community that supports you!