When you’re grinding, all you can do is look forward but I’m going to encourage you to stop.

We often will keep grinding that we forget to pause to appreciate and reflect on how far we’ve come. In order to keep the momentum, it is essential for us to celebrate just as much as we work hard. 

We are almost a quarter into the new year. Write a list of the things you’ve accomplished so far this year, whether it seems little or it’s a big goal that has already been achieved. Then, schedule a time to actually acknowledge your wins!

Here’s some ideas to mark your celebration:

-Treat yourself to some self-care
-Take a day off (yes, you can do it and should!)
-Write it down so you can visually see it
-Share it with a trusted friend or family member
-Plan a special dinner or outing 
-Do something for another person who helped support you

If we don’t slow down and celebrate what we are doing, we will eventually hit a wall and the momentum will stop. Let’s make this into a habit so we can stay in the industry for the long-term. 

We would love to help you celebrate. Share your win (small or big) with us at @innerbeautygrowth and @ericasata. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!