We are in the final quarter of 2020 and I know firsthand that I’ve developed some habits that I want to change. Anybody else with me? Being quarantined and overwhelmed with what’s going on in our world has caused most of us to start doing things that are out of routine and not necessarily healthy long-term decisions. It’s time to break up! Here are some tips for turning bad habits to healthy habits:

Bad Habit #1: Snacking all day long

Pro Tip: Measure out snacks into bags the night before or morning so you have them ready to go, rather than just grabbing that bag of chips. Limit snacks to eating only in your kitchen, not every room in your house. 

Bad Habit #2: Staying up late

Pro Tip: Stop using technology 1-2 hours before a scheduled bedtime. Try reading at night or stretching. 

Bad Habit #3: Checking social media while working

Pro Tip: Turn off your notifications. Eliminate the constant urge to see what and who you're missing. This allows you to be present with clients and family. 

Bad Habit #4: Your workout is an after-thought

Pro Tip: Team up with a friend or family member that will ask and keep you accountable. If you can combine working out with socially “catching up” too, that is a bonus. Try working out in the morning, instead of saving it for the evening when a hundred other things can hijack your workout plans. 

Bad Habit #5: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Pro Tip: Reducing the amount you drink by making it a social occasion drinking only when outside of your house. This limits alcohol consumption, never drink and drive!

Let’s make this final quarter count and instead of being stuck in a cycle of bad habits, let’s start creating healthy ones before 2021 even starts. It’s time for a break up!