Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and as much as you try, you just can’t seem to stop playing it on repeat? Negative thoughts and messages we tell ourselves act just like this. We keep them on repeat and although others may not hear it, our whole body is reacting to those comments. 

Those negative messages impact both our mental and physical health. We have less confidence, increased fatigue, and poor changes to our mood. The way these negative messages impact our brain can also lead to serious health conditions over time. 

What kind of things are you telling yourself internally lately?

Don’t limit yourself by letting the song stay on repeat instead of changing the channel. Saying affirmations both in our head and outloud start to change the narrative. 

Affirmations start with...

-I am

-I will

-I can!

Stay away from...

-I can’t

-I never

-I won’t

It is harder to see opportunities when we engage in negative self-talk. 

What affirmation are you telling yourself right now? 

Personally, I always question my leadership. My self-talk is “am I doing enough?”, “am I a leader people want to follow?”, and “am I making a difference?”. When I am living my best life, I focus on playing the Rocky theme song as I run up the stairs as I am chanting “You’re enough! Keep going!” And here I am, I just keep going. I hope wherever you’re at, you just keep going!