Here we are, the last month of 2020. The holiday season either brings feelings of happiness or feelings of dread thinking about having to go through the motions when happiness (and money) are hard to find right now. This is an honest assessment of this year’s holiday season, but want to give you some tips I am focusing on right now to help get us through the next two months: 

Holiday Season Survival Tip #1:

Move Your Body. Whether it’s beginning to get cold where you are or the skies are cloudier than normal, make it a priority to do an at-home workout or take a walk outside. Starting your day with Vitamin D is without-a-doubt a mood changer. It doesn’t matter what the moves look like, the important part is that you just do it for at least 30 minutes a day. I personally like to turn on some old 80’s music and dance with my kids. They burn energy and I burn some much needed calories and we all benefit from a good laugh!

Holiday Season Survival Tip #2: 

Express Your Gratitude. Whether thankfulness comes easy to you or not, actually writing down or finding a way to express your gratitude to someone can change your attitude around. Make it a point to do this weekly (or daily) and know that a handwritten note, a phone call to a friend or words of thanks to a client seems small but means something big to others. It makes us feel good to do good. 

Holiday Season Survival Tip #3:

Schedule Time For You. Comparison and an overload of the highlight reel is inevitable this time of year that you need to make sure you are taking time for you. Although it’s important not to isolate, it’s also important that you treat yo’ self, too. Put limits on social media and schedule the gift of self care. 

Holiday Season Survival Tip #4: 

Don’t Wait Until the New Year to Start Healthy Habits. We often wait until January to begin a new habit but why wait? This year has already seemed long enough so let’s start now. Pick 1 or 2 goals that you want to focus on and get a jump start on 2021 right this moment. You won’t regret working towards your goals. Seriously, my goal is only 2-holiday cookies a day. Sounds crazy but the Christmas cookies beg me to eat them!

Holiday Season Survival Tip #5:

Start A New Tradition. If your motivation is slim to none, starting a new tradition no matter what it is can switch up the daily grind, along with giving you something to look forward to. The kids and I started icing a cookie every morning for breakfast. Cookies for breakfast puts a smile on everyone’s face and brings this mama a lot of joy to finish the year strong! 

We have the choice to look forward or be stuck in the YUCK that is 2020. I choose to look ahead and hope you join me. There’s no denying that this year has been unexpected, hard and disappointing at times but we hold onto hope as we look forward. The best is yet to come!