1. Know what artwork is trending

Scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to see which holiday patterns and artwork you know your clients will request. Pick 4 designs and practice, practice, practice! Find shortcuts and perfect the designs in minimal time. Then showcase your art tips on your table as an available add-on. Now is not the time to explore new artwork techniques with each client. Sticking with, and nailing, these 4 designs will help you track your time, product, and it will avoid the awkward question, “What should I charge?”

2. Say “NO” more often

Your friends and family want to spend time with you this season! You are not obligated to overbook, overload or over commit yourself.

3. Stock up on essentials

Know what product you will be using daily and have replacements. Preparation can save you big money on overnight shipping and give you clear head space!

4. Find your rhythm

Staying on schedule is more important than ever during this season. Know your process for removal, application and disinfection. This will save you time and even give you opportunity for bathroom breaks!

5. Eat, drink, rest

‘Tis the season for beautiful nails but more importantly it’s a time to hold the people you love close. Be good to yourself, make sure you’re taking lunch and staying hydrated. This will give you the energy you NEED to get through the day and be in a healthy mindset to enjoy the festivities after work! Let your mind rest, stop working at home and focus on the people around you. 


    Start the holiday off with success! Trash your dull bits and replace them with new ones! This will reduce your product removal time, save your hand from cramping and increase client comfort. After the holiday rush replace them again. It will be the greatest work-gift you give yourself this season! Set your time up for success.